For Future Reference


Publication, 210x148mm, 52 pages, A2 poster included.
Inkjet on newsprint, linseed oil, smell of burned book (Thomas Carlyle’s ‘The French Revolution: A history'), vinyl stickers.

For a while now I've been interested in impossible things.

For future reference is the product of this fixation; rather than working along or around limitations within my practice – for example a lack of money, not enough time in the world or the ever present problem of me being a single person, with divided attention for various reasons- I decided to make these limitations the focus of a method for producing a collection of works.

Every day I set aside a small amount of time when waking up in order to think up and write down impossible artworks, some of them technically not even being artworks, providing some kind of collection of fictions. This collection of fictions grew larger and larger, until at some point it demanded some kind of space to reside in,

Any architect knows that walls do not contain a house;
that the vicinity of a museum invariably turns into a sculpture garden;
that the library infests the houses of unknowing readers;
and that the books to be returned evade your clawing thumb when their time draws near.

This catalogue houses such a collection, trying to capture its entirety. Yet it's nearer a prison system than a book: the walls constitute the inner parameters rather than its circumference; and its detainees construct elaborate plans in order to escape.

You might find the publication in some major Dutch libraries (though they might not know it themselves).
Alternatively you can buy one by contacting me.